What Shape to Consider for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

6 February 2024
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Selecting an engagement ring is a momentous decision, and the diamond shape can dramatically influence its beauty and allure. The shape of the diamond not only reflects the design personality but also the style and preference of the individual wearing it. This guide explores the various diamond silhouettes available, assisting couples in making an informed decision for this significant milestone. Round Brilliant The round, brilliant diamond reigns as the quintessential choice for many. Read More 

The Allure of Custom Halo Engagement Rings

20 July 2023
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Every love story is unique, so every engagement ring should be unique in return. An engagement ring reflects the symbol of a promise, showcasing the bond's depth, magnitude, and individuality. One of the most stunning and on-trend styles capturing the hearts of couples worldwide is the halo engagement ring. However, adding a custom touch to this design can elevate it from beautiful to sublime. A custom halo engagement ring allows your individual spark to shine through, resulting in a piece of jewelry that's as distinct as your love story. Read More 

General Information About Selling Coins To A Professional Dealer

24 April 2023
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Collecting coins is not only enjoyable for many people, but it is a form of investing. For example, for someone who has been collecting coins for decades, their coins can be worth a fortune depending on what they are. The rarer the coins may be, the more money they are worth if they are ever sold to a coin dealer in exchange for cash. If you have coins that you have treasured for many years or have just inherited and would like to sell them, choosing the right buyer is important. Read More 

3 Family Coat Of Arms Jewelry Types

22 December 2022
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If you're particularly proud of your family's heritage, there are a few different ways that you can celebrate it. One option is to buy a piece of jewelry that features your family's coat of arms. This ornate design is available on several types of jewelry, so you'll have no trouble finding a piece that suits your sense of style. Whether you wear this jewelry only on special occasions such as family weddings and get-togethers, or you choose to wear it daily, it can be a piece of jewelry that is special to you. Read More 

Damaged Jewelry? Two Reasons To Choose Jewelry Repair Services

11 October 2022
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It really doesn't take very much to break jewelry. The jump closures found on the back of many chain necklaces are notoriously susceptible to damage because they are so tiny and quite vulnerable. Also, you might have a few beautiful rings that you used to enjoy wearing but as the stones or diamonds slowly begin to become dislodged from the band the piece becomes less and less desirable. Your first thought may be to chuck the damaged items into the trash and replace them. Read More